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4 Responses

  1. Brendo says:

    If you must give in to the Apple cult then go for the IPod Touch. Not nearly the space, but if you got rid of all of your illegal music, it would all fit onto 16 GB. Plus you could surf from any Wi-Fi spot and email me instead of those @#$@# text messages…… that is of course since you refuse to get a new phone and just call.

  2. Chris says:


    I have LEGAL MUSIC. You think I’m some sort of pirate, Monkey and all?

    Well.. Wouldn’t mind having the monkey, but I’m no pirate.

    And hey. If you contribute I’ll get both 😉

    The phone.. Nother sign of me being FRUGAL!

  3. Craig says:

    Chris, I really feel you there, when it comes to frugality, and I can testify that Apple is a seductive mistress. My affair with Apple started way back as a teenager, when she somehow got me to part with a ton of paperboy savings to buy a IIe, which was easily obsolete before I even set it up. Still, I dragged it to college with me where it served as my principal computer until Princeton pulled out the stops and gave us access to labfuls of Macintoshes. (Oy!)

    Then last year, I won an iPod. Winning an iPod isn’t really a gift. It’s a commitment to iTunes and the seduction of a music store that gets me. I’ve dropped way too much dough on music there, and if it weren’t for the crimp on my budget that a sudden move imposed on me, I’d probably be selling organs now. (Strangely, I also haven’t been listening to the iPod either.)

    Since the move, I ignored frugality for at least a few weeks in decorating the new pad. I had inherited all the furniture and furnishings from my old place, but then proceeded to dispose of a tired sectional and most of the accoutrements (towels, blankets, etc.) that came along for the ride.

    I was still quasi-frugal in my decorating (hello IKEA, Walmart, and Target), and now that I’m really settled in, my spending has dropped back into the frugal range, because after all, who needs to spend the cash? :^)

  4. dad says:

    Get me that baby too. You sold me today.

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