Returning to my roots, sort of

I’m pretty anyone who came to check out the blog, has log since gone off to bigger and better things, namely Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You know what? That’s ok.

A lot has happened to me in the meantime. I bought a house, I manage people, I’ve found a wonderful family to be a part of. It’s been an amazing time.

I expect I’ll keep on working on the blogs I house on this server, and probably put up a few more technical ones.

Or I may fail completely. I hope not, but there is no shame in failure as long as I get back up again.

See you soon.

Is this thing still on?

Tap tap

And I’m back

After an upgrade to Cable Modems.

After an upgrade of my server software

After a LOT work

After a cat

I’m back. Is anyone listening?

Making the Curry


I like making the food.

While in Utah with Family, I bought a bowl of this paste. Tonight I made some Yellow Curry.

Put in some

And some Coconut Milk.

It was good.

So good, I feel like exploding.

Exploding good.

I Do Roll


This is not a Rick Roll (Google it)

The oldest Nephew, who is a bud of mine (Never thought I would be the mushy Uncle, but hey, things happen). Wanted to show me that he could do summersaults.

This is the result.

I Do roll

Ohhhh Lasssiiieeeee LAAAASSSIIIEEEE

I so want this cat

But he needs to be non-allergic.


The Apple Friend Bar

I have two two websites I read somewhat regularly. Uncrate and The Awesomer Well, it led me to one of my favorite other websites, “The Onion.”

Well, this one was gold, listen to the very end, where the creation of “The Apple Store”

New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products