Cheesy Taters


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9 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    The original lost cast got tired of working every week, so now we are dealing with a different part of the plane.

  2. Heather says:

    I feel fatter just reading the resipe.

  3. Juli says:

    Uh, yeah, I’m with Heather! Did you se EA’s blog on cheetohs? You and that woman just might get along. Why bother with the potatoes??? Why not just stick a straw in the mushy, cheesy glop and suck it up like a cheese shake?

  4. EA says:

    I would add another cup or two of the cheese personally, and leave out the corn flakes. But other than that, they sound PERFECT!!!

    Perfect recipe for leftover turkey-

    4 cups of cooked white rice (cheapo brand)
    2 cups of sour cream (cheapo fat free brand)
    2 can of cream of favorite whatever soup (cheapo brand)
    2-4 cups of shredded sharp cheddar cheese (cheapo brand)
    2 cups of turkey (pick all the tiny little pieces of meat off the bone, white or dark meat, and shred it a little by hand)

    Stir all of it together, adding more cheese and sour cream to taste. Put in large baking pan, cover with tin foil, cook at 350 for 20 minutes.

    Beautifully fattening and delicious.

  5. Lucy Stern says:

    Yep! Already signed up to take them to the ward Christmas party…

  6. sherp says:

    tots in all their gooped up glory. But then they are tater tots…they do need to be hidden.

    I also think you and EA just might be SM

  7. Chris says:

    Dad: By Killing some of the other members? And ohhh ohh I heard that they will be adding Sean Austin to the cast of Lost… TWO HOBBITS ON ONE ISLAND! It’s Ring TIME!

    Susannah: Yup

    Heather: Yes, the recipie is not for the weak of heart. Because all the dairy would trigger a heart attack…

    Juli: Mmmmm cheese shake…

    EA: I was thinking of adding all the cheese, but I was worried that would be too much… Sweet Sweet Cheese.

    Lucy: So, they are Christmas Party Taters? 🙂

    Sherp: Why so? 🙂

  8. EA says:

    As long as it is sharp cheddar cheese how could it not be perfect??

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