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4 Responses

  1. rachel says:

    Anonymous Internet Girl Vote:
    Lambchops = GONE
    Mullet = Negatory
    Part in Middle = NO PART, thankyouverymuch

    your hair and hairline are a-ok, so I vote ridding yourself of the thick sideburns, but keep it longish on top. girls like to run their fingers through thick hair, ok. good luck with the hairscut!

  2. Kelly says:

    NO MULLET! Back away from the mullet.

    Middle part: no, unless you also get a pocket protector and start wearing too-short pants up to your armpits.

    I think you should go with sideburns – so a bit shorter than they are now – and the messy hair look. Dead sexy.

  3. Miss Laura says:

    Mullet all the way! Perhaps frosted and feathered too. Make that party in the back really party.

  4. a friend says:

    According to the sidebar, you’re reading the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy book. I’m sure Kyan doesn’t recommend mutton chops, mullets, or parts down the middle. And your Wolfman Jack/Wolverine look just doesn’t work for you.

    If you ask me, I’d lose the mutton chops and maybe bring your sideburns up to the level of the corner of your eye. And since you seem to be at least a little interested in the QEftSG-type tips, I’d consider having your eyebrows plucked a little to thin them out and round off the peak in the middle.

    Your hair right now looks tousled and matted at the same time. You might be using too stiff a product. If that’s so, girls aren’t going to want to run their fingers through it – if they even can.

    You should lose some of the hair on the sides. The top looks like it’s about the right length, just messy: comb or brush it out. It should blend in better with the sides, and your barber or stylist can fix that on the next trip. Speaking of which, you might just need a big city stylist to fix your hair this time.

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